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First Year Tutorials

Welcome to the web pages of the first year tutorials.

During their first year of study students have weekly one-hour tutorial sessions with their academic tutor, usually at the pre-allocated timeslot in the timetable (but other arrangements are possible). The goal of these tutorials is to provide the students with useful guidance regarding their computer science studies, as well as informing them about the way things work in the department and what academics do when they're not lecturing, teaching them transferrable skills (e.g., presentation skills) and preparing them for significant events on the academic calendar (e.g., exams).

During these tutorials the student and academic tutor will get to know each other, so that the tutor can also provide advice regarding personal issues if required. This relationship will continue in later years.

Although informal, tutorials are an important instrument to make the student acquainted with academic life, hence attendance is compulsory and will be recorded. Occasionally students will be asked to prepare something in advance of the tutorial, such as a presentation on CS-related topic.

Topics and timetable

The following table gives a suggested list of topics that can be discussed during the academic year. In addition, tutorials can be devoted to discussing assignments that are due soon. A list of other possible topics follows the table; students are encouraged to come up with their own proposals.

TB1 units: Programming and Algorithms I

Introduction to Computer Architecture

Mathematical Methods for Computer Scientists
week 0 regular tutorial slot arranged
weeks 1-3 overview of year 1;

ways of working in the department (lectures, coursework, ethics);

optional units
weeks 4-6 research and study
weeks 7-9 presentations
weeks 10-12 exam preparation; one-on-one tutorials
Christmas break and January exams
TB2 units: Programming and Algorithms II

Introduction to Computer Architecture

Mathematical Methods for Computer Scientists

Theory of Computation
weeks 13-15 exam experience and results
weeks 16-18 academic writing
weeks 19-21 looking ahead at year 2
weeks 22-24 group projects; one-on-one tutorials
May-June exams

Topics proposed by lecturers