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Careers in computer science

Recommended Week

Year 1 : Weeks 12 - 20

Student Preparation

Prepare a CV.


Henk Muller, Kerstin Eder


To give you an appreciation of what kind of jobs there are in computer science.


Careers Advisory Service

Before the tutorial it is useful for the tutor to contact the Univerity Careers Advisory Service who is very happy to provide brochures for the students.


Discuss different environments where you can work. IT support (at, say, Boots or Department of Agriculture), IT industry (chip manufacturer etc), contracting and consultancy, Research, Education.

Types of jobs.

Discuss types of jobs. System manager, programmer, designer, entrepeneur, researcher, lecturer, systems analyst. Get them to list jobs that they would (not) like to get into.


Discuss how to write a CV (brochures from the Careers Advisory Service may be helpful). On the basis of this discussion each student prepares a CV (let it be interesting both in contents and visually). Then (possibly during the next tutorial) students may be interested to look at the CV prepared by their collegues imagining that they are the boss recruiting new people (and deciding whether "keep it or bin it").