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Computer Science and Electronics

The CSE programme is managed by the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department, and the programme director is Naim Dahnoun. You should refer to the EE department for detailed information about the programme. However, CSE students are still very much regarded as belonging to the Computer Science department, and some information is provided here.

General Resources


Year One

Unit Code CP Unit Title GH46 GH4P
COMS10001 20 Programming and Algorithms II c c
COMS10002 20 Programming and Algorithms I c c
COMS12200 20 Introduction to Computer Architecture c c

Key: c - Core Choice

Year Two

Unit Code CP Unit Title GH46 GH4P
COMS21103 20 Data Structures and Algorithms c c
COMS21202 20 Symbols, Patterns and Signals c c
COMS22201 20 Language Engineering c c

Key: c - Core Choice

You must score an average of at least 55% (new rules) or 50% (old rules) for you to continue on the GH46 or GH4P programmes. Otherwise you will have to transfer to the BEng programme GH45.

Year Three

Unit Code CP Unit Title GH46 GH4P GH45
COMS30002 10 Cryptography A c - c
COMS35101 10 High Performance Computing c - c
COMS35102 10 Embedded System Integration c - c

Key: c - Core Choice

Year Four

Unit Code CP Unit Title GH46 GH4P
COMSM0007 10 Cryptography B o -
COMSM0009 10 Interactive Devices o -
COMSM0109 10 Advanced Computer Architecture o o
COMSM0125 10 Fault Tolerant Computing and VLSI Testing o o

Key: o - Option Choice