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Computer Vision has now merged with Signal Processing to become the Visual Information Laboratory.
This site is no longer updated.

Resource Library

This is the Computer Vision resource library. It was set up in December 2008 as a way of sharing useful resources for the Vision group. It is still under construction - hopefully it will eventually involve a way of uploading papers directly to the site for others to access. For now, things need to be added manually - if you have any content to add, please contact Osian Haines, the resource librarian : - and for any other general enquiry about the resource library.

For now the library consist of three parts - the web link listing, a set of links to useful vision-related pages online, and an index of the material available in the Realvis resources directory.

Web Resourcess

These are links to useful sites, such as the hopemage of vision researchers, other research groups, collections of material elsewhere, and other useful pages.

Proceedings Index

An index of the material available on the realvis directory (at home/projec-pool/realvis/proceedings)

Paper Collection

A manually copmiled list of potentially useful papers on Computer Vision and related topics

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