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A Framework Towards Realtime Detection and Tracking of Text

Carlos Merino (Universidad de La Laguna) email:

Majid Mirmehdi (University of Bristol) email:

Second International Workshop on Camera-Based Document Analysis and Recognition (CBDAR 2007) Curitiba, Brazil - September 2007

Download the paper (PDF)

Sample scenes and videos

These are the full video sequences of the samples in the paper and the CBDAR 2007 presentation.

Sample 1 «BORDERS» (Figure 7)

Sample 1 scene image


Sample 2 «UOB» (Figure 8)

Sample 2 scene image


Sample 3 «ST. MICHAEL'S HOSPITAL» (Figure 9)

Sample 3 scene image


Sample 4 «LORRY» (Figure 10)

Sample 4 scene image


Sample 5 «LA PAZ»

Sample 5 scene image


Sample 6 «DESKTOP»

Sample 6 scene image


Other sample scenes:

These additional scene scenes were obtained from this web page, from Myers et al work, and processed with our algorithm.

Sample 7

Sample 6 scene image


Sample 8

Sample 8 scene image


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