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Statistical Synthesis of Facial Expressions for the Portrayal of Emotion
Lisa Gralewski, Neill Campbell, Barry Thomas, Colin Dalton and David Gibson.
Graphite 2004, Singapore 15-18th June
[pdf] Practical Generation of Video Textures using the Auto-Regressive Process
Neill Campbell, Colin Dalton, David Gibson, David Oziem and Barry Thomas.
ICCV 2002
[pdf] Combining Sampling and Autoregression for Motion Synthesis
David Oziem, Neill Campbell, Colin Dalton, David Gibson and Barry Thomas.
CGI 2004, Crete 16-19th June.
Synthesising Facial Emotions
David Oziem, Lisa Gralewski, Neill Campbell, Colin Dalton, David Gibson and Barry Thomas.
TPCG 2004, Bournemouth 8-10th June.
Animating with Advanced Observations
Colin Dalton
Eurographics/ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Computer Animation.



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