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A Cheap Wearer Centric Location System

This project seeks to develop a location system to be used on wearable computers. Cheap systems are usually based on a combination of RF and Ultrasonics technology. THese systems have a couple of disadvantages. First, using both RF and ultrasonics is twice as expensive as just using Ultrasonics technology. Second, ultrasonics sensors usually have to be put in the right place, the installer has to perform a calibration. Third, simple ultrasonics technology is usually susceptible to disturbances, for example, crisp packets or jingling keys.

Our approach is to use just ultrasonics. We want to design our system so that it scales to any number of users, and we want the users to calculate their location. Hence, we are constructing a solution where the ultrasonic transmitters are laced in the building, and wheter the users carry an ultrasonics receiver.

We are developing algorithms that allow the system to calibrate itself.

Staff and Students

Cliff Randell, Mike McCarthy, Henk Muller,
Paul Duff.



Equator: University of Sussex, University of Nottingham, University of Lancaster, Royal College of Arts, University of Glasgow, University of Southampton, University College London.