People - Meet the μ group

This is a list of current members of our group. For MSc and undergraduate participants, see our list of projects.

Academic staff

Research staff

  • Dr Jimson Mathew's photo
    Dr Jimson Mathew
  • Dr Shibaji Banerjee's photo
    Dr Shibaji Banerjee
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    Dr Stephen Wright
  • Dr Rishad Ahmed Shafik's photo
    Dr Rishad Ahmed Shafik
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    Ben Long
  • Dr Sunil Rana's photo
    Dr Sunil Rana
  • Simon Krige (KTP)'s photo
    Simon Krige (KTP)
  • Dan Curran's photo
    Dan Curran

Visiting fellows

Research students


  • Dr Chris Jackson
  • Fangfang Yuan