ROCOn (pronounced rok-on) is a tool for visualising ROC graphs. Features include: You can download the latest version on ROCOn (rel-2-0) or view a demonstration of ROCOn running in web mode.


To run the standalone application, either run the jar file directly:
java -jar ROCOn-1-0.jar

or if you have unpacked the jar, run the ROCAnalysis.ROCAnalysisViewer class:

java ROCAnalysis.ROCAnalysisViewer
The menu items and buttons do pretty much what you would expect.

Load Probs

This menu item is for generating ROC curves from a probablistic classifier by varying the threshold used by the classifier. The file format consists of a number of lines representing examples in the dataset. Each line contains two fields seperated by spaces or commas. The first field contains true if the example is in the positive class, false otherwise. The second column contains the classifiers confidence that the example is in the positive class, expressed as a probability. Here is an example.