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Data Mining and Decision Support for business competitiveness: Solomon European virtual enterprise (Sol-Eu-Net)

To enhance competitiveness and find new business opportunities in the global IT market, the objective of this project is to provide access to cutting-edge IT technologies through a proposed model of a Virtual European enterprise composed of companies and research laboratories with highly specialized expertise in two IT areas: Data Mining and Decision Support. The Sol-Eu-Net virtual enterprise will be organized as a flexible network business structure made of small, cross-organizational, time-focused, task-driven work teams, providing problem solutions to end-users in industry, businesses and public services. The objectives of this project are: (1) the development and evaluation of the virtual enterprise model, (2) software for Internet and Intranet based collaborative work, (3) co-operative planning and scheduling of resources, (4) combining problem solutions and consensus building, (5) project monitoring and on-line consultation, as well as (6) new education and training methods, (7) work methods for prototype project workshops and (8) Web information source maintenance.

Staff and Students

Peter Flach, Shaomin Wu, Thomas Gaertner



This research is supported by the European Union (ESPRIT V IST-1999-11495).