The Temple of Kalabsha Model

First model

Textured in Radiance (created in Maya 4.5 and exported to Maya Unlimited 5.0) - Polygons: ~294 000

The early version contains less detailed pillars than the second model. The different colours are there in order to get the right materials in Radiance. The material names in Maya get mapped in a map file to a corresponding Radiance texture when exported to obj-files and then converted with obj2rad. The focus have been on rendering the temple starting from the main gate to the inside and the Hypostalle Hall so the texturing outside this area has not been completed.

Second model

Fully textured (created in Maya 5.0) - Polygons: ~2 604 000

Radiance files

Both versions of the model exist in Radiance format.

Source files

For access to the model please contact Veronica Sundstedt.

© Veronica Sundstedt, Graphics Group, University of Bristol, UK

HDR images

All files are in Radiance format (.hdr). To download, rightclick, save link as...

© Timo Kunkel, Graphics Group, University of Bristol, UK