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Digital Media Group


This group carries out research in the creation, capture, processing, compression and communication of images and sound. Its research activities are concentrated in the following areas: computer vision and image processing, graphics, and animation and virtual reality. More recently, the group has begun to develop close links with the extensive network of media production companies in the Bristol area with a view to conducting inter-disciplinary research in digital media technology and creative media content production. This work forms part of the Creative Media Technology Initiative in which the group is a major contributor. Research in this area focuses on the merging of video, graphics and animation technology, particularly in relation to the development of novel techniques for generating 3-D content.


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Tilo Burghardt

Andrew Calway

Neill Campbell

Nishan Canagarajah

Kirsten Cater

Colin Dalton

Dima Damen

Walterio Mayol-Cuevas

Christopher Melhuish

Majid Mirmehdi

Research Staff

David Gibson

Research Students

John Bartholomew

Christopher Beck

Jessica Cauchard

Robert Frampton

Anthony Glynn

Jack Greenhalgh

Austin Gregg-Smith

Osian Haines

David Hanwell

Teesid Leelasawassuk

Shuda Li

Irwandi Mohamad Hipiny

Oliver Moolan-Feroze

Adeline Paiement