Is Cryptographic Theory Practically Relevant?

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Tuesday 31st Jan Wednesday 1st Feb Thursday 2nd Feb
09.00-09.45 09.00-09.30 Registration
09.40-09.45 Welcome from John Toland (Director INI)
Hugo Krawczyk
IBM Research, USA
Recent Advances in Computational Extractors
Tom Ristenpart
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Practice-Driven Cryptographic Theory
09.45-10.30 Serge Vaudenay
Privacy in Deniable Anonymous Concurrent Authentication with Setup is Impossible: Do we Care?
John Beric and Mike Ward
Mastercard International
The practical application of cryptography to international card payments
Hovav Shacham
Cars and Voting Machines: Embedded Systems in the Field
10.30-11.00 Morning Coffee
11.00-11.45 Christian Cachin
IBM Research, Zurich
Storage encryption and key management
Aggelos Kiayias
University of Athens
Cryptography with Work-based Corruptions and the Combinatorics of Anonymity
Liqun Chen
Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
From Cryptographer's Cryptography to Engineer's Crypto
11.45-12.30 David Naccache
ENS Paris
Mathematical and practical security problems not directly related to cryptography
Mike Bond
HSM Portal -- Practical Tools Built on Theory
Douglas Wikstrom
Verificatum -- An efficient and provably secure mix-net
12.30-13.30 Lunch @ Wolfson Court
14.00-14.45 Jens Groth
University College London
Efficient Verification of ElGamal Ciphertext Shuffles
Bart Preneel
KU Leuven
Theory and practice for hash functions.
Cas Cremers
ETH Zurich
Key Exchange: Security Models and Automatic Analysis
14.45-15.30 Tom Shrimpton
Portland State University
A long answer to the simple question, "Is TLS provably secure?"
Christof Paar
Ruhr University Bochum
Lessons Learned from Four Years of Implementation Attacks against Real-World Targets
David McGrew
Problems in Cryptographic Standards and Implementations
15.30-16.00 Afternoon Tea
16.00-16.45 Graham Steel
ENS Cachan
Analysis of Cryptographic Security APIs
George Danezis
Privacy for Smart Meters : From theory to running meter code
Panel Session
New Directions in Practice Driven Cryptography
16.45-17.15 Richard Horne/George French
Barclays and UK Cabinet Office/Barclays
Scaling Cryptographic Deployments.
Discussion Time
17.30-18.00 Drinks Reception
19.30 Conference Dinner @ Emmanuel College


For those wanting another talk just before the Dinner at Emmanuel there is a talk in Cambridge at 17.30 on the 1st which people might be interested in
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