Tuesday 17 December 2013

0 9.00--9.10 Opening
1 9.10--10.00 Parallel Introductory Session
9.10--10.00 Coding Theory for Cryptologists
Henk van Tilborg
9.10--10.00 Cryptology for Coding Theorists
Jacob Schuldt
2 10.00--10.50 Coding Based Crypto Tutorial, Part 1
10.00--10.50 The design of code-based public-key encryption: from Goppa codes to random codes
Nicolas Sendrier
10.50--11.10 Tea Break
3 11.10--12.50 Coding Based Crypto Tutorial
11.10--12.00 Cryptanalysis of Code-based Cryptography
Christiane Peters
12.00--12.50 McBits: Fast code-based Cryptography [Slides]
Peter Schwabe
12.50--14.10 Lunch
4 14.10--15.00 Coding Based Crypto Tutorial
14.10--15.00 The LPN Problem in Cryptography
Vadim Lyubashevsky
5 15.00--15.50 Bits and Booleans
14.10--15.00 Semi-bent functions from oval polynomials
Sihem Mesnager
14.10--15.00 Efficient Generation of Elementary Sequences
David Gardner, Ana Salagean, and Raphael C.-W. Phan
15.50--16.10 Coffee Break
6 16.10--17.25 Homomorphic Encryption
16.10--16.35 On the Homomorphic Computation of Symmetric Cryptographic Primitives
Silvia Mella and Ruggero Susella
16.35--17.00 Improved Security for a Ring-Based Fully Homomorphic Encryption Scheme
Joppe W. Bos, Kristin Lauter, Jake Loftus, and Michael Naehrig
17.00--17.25 On the Relationship between Functional Encryption, Obfuscation, and Fully Homomorphic Encryption
Joël Alwen, Manuel Barbosa, Pooya Farshim, Rosario Gennaro, S. Dov Gordon, Stefano Tessaro, and David Wilson

Wednesday 18 December 2013

7 9.10--10.00 Invited Talk
Light weight crypto and constant weight codes
Patrick Solé
8 10.00--10.50 Codes and Applications
10.00--10.25 On Minimal and Quasi-Minimal Linear Codes
Gérard D. Cohen, Sihem Mesnager, and Alain Patey
10.25--10.50 A Code-Based Undeniable Signature Scheme
Carlos Aguilar-Melchor, Slim Bettaieb, Philippe Gaborit, and Julien Schrek
10.50--11.10 Tea Break
9 11.10--12.25 Cryptanalysis
11.10--11.35 Filtered nonlinear cryptanalysis of reduced-round Serpent, and the Wrong-Key Randomization Hypothesis
James McLaughlin and John A. Clark
11.35--12.00 Differential Cryptanalysis of Keccak Variants
Stefan Kölbl, Florian Mendel, Tomislav Nad, and Martin Schläffer
12.00--12.25 Recovering Private Keys Generated With Weak PRNGs
Pierre-Alain Fouque, Mehdi Tibouchi, and Jean-Christophe Zapalowicz
12.30--14.25 Lunch
11 14.25--15.50 Hash Functions
14.25--14.50 Hashing Mode Using a Lightweight Blockcipher
Hidenori Kuwakado and Shoichi Hirose
14.50--15.15 Indifferentiability of Double Length Compression Functions
Bart Mennink
15.15--15.40 Security Amplification against Meet-in-the-Middle Attacks Using Whitening
Pierre-Alain Fouque and Pierre Karpman
15.40--16.10 Coffee Break
10 16.10--17.00 Protecting against Leakage
16.10--16.35 A Leakage-Resilient Pairing-Based Variant of the Schnorr Signature Scheme
David Galindo and Srinivas Vivek
16.35--17.00 High-Order Masking by Using Coding Theory and its Application to AES
Guilhem Castagnos, Soline Renner, and Gilles Zémor

Thursday 19 December 2013

12 10.00--10.50 Key Issues
10.00--10.25 Secure Key Management in the Cloud
Ivan Damgård, Thomas P. Jakobsen, Jesper B. Nielsen, and Jakob I. Pagter
10.25--10.50 Estimating Key Sizes For High Dimensional Lattice Based Systems
Joop van de Pol and Nigel P. Smart
10.50--11.10 Tea Break
13 11.10--12.25 Public Key Primitives
11.10--11.35 Sub-linear Blind Ring Signatures without Random Oracles
Essam M. Ghadafi
11.35--12.00 Constructions of Signcryption in the Multi-user Setting from Identity-based Encryption
Rintaro Nakano and Junji Shikata
12.00--12.25 Anonymous Constant-Size Ciphertext HIBE From Asymmetric Pairings
Somindu C. Ramanna and Palash Sarkar