ECRYPT.NET Cloud Summer School

KU Leuven

Sept 19th-24th 2016

As part of the ECRYPT.NET we are organizing a Summer School on cryptography for the cloud. The event is organized into two parts All participants are welcome to stay for the last two days for the public events on those days.


The program consist so the Cloud Summer School for the first three days. Then for the fourth day, and part of the fifth day we have a workshop on academic writing, and presentations of the PhD projects funded by the ECRYPT.NET project. All participants are welcome to attend the presentations of the PhD projects and the workshop on academic writing.

Cloud School : Reception

A welcome reception will be held on Monday 19th September at 19.00 at the glass caferteria in the ESAT building at KU Leuven.

Cloud School : Mon, Tues, Weds

DayTimeSpeakerTitle                     DayTimeSpeakerTitle                     DayTimeSpeakerTitle
Mon09.00Christian Cachin, IBMCloud Storage Tues09.00Markulf Kohlweiss, MicrosoftVerifiable Computation Weds09.00Claudio Orlandi, AarhusMulti-Party Computation
10.30Coffee Break 10.30Coffee Break 10.30Coffee Break
11.00Christian Cachin, IBMCloud Storage 11.00Markulf Kohlweiss, MicrosoftVerifiable Computation 11.00Claudio Orlandi, AarhusMulti-Party Computation
12.00Lunch 12.00Lunch 12.00Lunch
14.00Benny Pinkas, Bar-IlanDe-Duplication 14.00Dennis Hofheinz, KITIntroduction to Universal Composability 14.00Thomas Eisenbarth, WPICloud Attacks
15.30Coffee Break 15.30Coffee Break 15.30Coffee Break
16.00Benny Pinkas, Bar-IlanDe-Duplication 16.00Dennis Hofheinz, KITIntroduction to Universal Composability 16.00Thomas Eisenbarth, WPICloud Attacks
17.00Days End 17.00Days End 17.00Days End

ECRYPT Events : Thurs, Fri

Thurs08.30Caroline GreenmanAcademic Writing Workshop - I
10.00Coffee Break
10.20Chaoyun LiAdvanced Methods for Symmetric Crypto
10.45Danilo ŠijačićCrypto for passively powered devices
11.10Răzvan RoşieFunctional encryption
11.35Michele MinelliIncreased efficiency and functionality through lattice-based cryptography
13.30Matthias MiniholdThe Subset-Sum Problem
13.55Erik Boss Post-Quantum Cryptosystems on Embedded Platforms
14.20Ralph AnkeleDesign and analysis of efficient and lightweight authenticated encryption schemes
14.45Marie-Sarah LacharitéSecure outsourcing of computation
15.10Eduardo Soria-VázquezMPC using FHE and Oblivious Transfer
15.35Coffee Break
16.00Marco MartinoliLeakage Resilience From Lattices
16.25Simon FriedbergerDesign of lightweight cryptographic primitives and protocols targeting efficiency in dedicated HW and/or embedded SW
16.50Dušan BožilovLightweight ciphers resisting combined side-channel and fault attacks
17.15Henry de ValenceCryptanalysis of lattice-based cryptography
17.40Days End
Fri09.00Gustavo BanegasPost-quantum cryptosystems for high throughput
09.25Private Meeting: ECRYPT Supervisory Board and General Assembly
11.00Coffee Break
11.20Private Meeting: EMC and Fellow Council
14.00Caroline GreenmanAcademic Writing Workshop - II
16.00Days End


The registration fee includes a sandwich lunch on all days, teas and coffees, the reception on Monday night and the workshop dinner on Thursday evening.

The registration fee will be £ 150.

To register please click on the following link. You may need to register for the Bristol Online Shop before you are able to purchase a registration. Please register early to avoid disappointment, as spaces are strictly limited.

Registration Page
Note, that no refunds will be given on registrations not used, neither are discounts available for those only attending part of the weeks events.


The venue of the workshop will be Auditorium C at the ESAT/COSIC building of KU Leuven. Details of how to find the building, for those who have not been there before, can be found

The dinner will be held at Improvisio on the Thursday at 19.30.

There are plenty of hotels in the centre of Leuven, within walking distance of the venue.

The nearest airport is Brussels, and there is a fast connecting train from Brussels airport to the centre of Leuven.


There are a very small number of stipends, which will cover the registration fee only, which are available to non-ECRYPT.NET funded PhD students. To apply for such a stipend the PhD students academic supervisor should write to Nigel Smart giving reasons why the student should recieve a stipend.