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Bristol Cryptography Group

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Cryptography Posters

The Cryptography and Information Security Group conduct research into cryptography, the underlying hard problems on which it is based and the hardware and software needed to implement secure systems.

We form part of the Bristol Security Centre, an Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research.

The group has particular interest in techniques for proving security of cryptographic systems, the efficient implementation of such systems on small computing devices and the verification that such implementations do what they say they do.

We also have an interest in security auditing and computer forensics. The group is responsible for the teaching of all Information Security units across the University.

Academic Staff

Photo of Elisabeth
Elisabeth Oswald
Photo of Dan
Dan Page
Photo of Nigel
Nigel Smart
Photo of Martijn
Martijn Stam
Photo of Theodore
Theodore Tryfonas
Photo of Bogdan
Bogdan Warinschi

Research Staff

Photo of David
David Bernhard
Photo of Sergiu
Sergiu Bursuc
Photo of Marcel
Marcel Keller
Photo of Luke
Luke Mather
Photo of Jonathan
Jonathan O'Connell
Photo of Georgios
Georgios Oikonomou
Photo of Emmanuela
Emmanuela Orsini
Photo of Guillaume
Guillaume Scerri
Photo of Susan
Susan Thomson
Photo of Carolyn
Carolyn Whitnall
Photo of Marcin
Marcin Wojcik

Research Students

Photo of Nabeel
Nabeel Albishry
Photo of Panagiotis
Panagiotis Andriotis
Photo of Valentina
Valentina Banciu
Photo of Guy
Guy Barwell
Photo of Ana
Ana Costache
Photo of Gareth
Gareth Davies
Photo of Tesleem
Tesleem Fagade
Photo of Bin
Bin Liu
Photo of Jake
Jake Longo Galea
Photo of Konstantinos
Konstantinos Maraslis
Photo of Daniel
Daniel Martin
Photo of David
David McCann
Photo of Peter
Peter Scholl
Photo of Christopher
Christopher Sherfield
Photo of Theodoros
Theodoros Spyridopoulos
Photo of Ryan
Ryan Stanley
Photo of Joop
Joop Van de Pol
Photo of Yan
Yan Yan
Associated Staff

Yves Tourigny (Mathematics)

Long Term Visitors (Past and Present)

Manuel Barbosa (March 2005-July 2005), Florian Bohl (Nov 2012-April 2013), Antoine Dallon (April 2014-Oct 2014), Tore Kasper Frederiksen (March 2014-August 2014), Jean-Francois Gallais (April 2008-July 2008), Johann Groszschaedl (Oct 2004-Dec 2004), Philipp Grabher (Sept 2004-July 2005), Neil Hanley (Oct 2009-Dec 2009), Fabrice Ben Hamouda-Guichoux (June 2011-Aug 2011), Kim HeeSeok (Oct 2011-Oct 2012), Hanno Lemoine (June 2012-Aug 2012), Joseph Liu (Sept 2005-June 2007), Marcel Medwed (Jan 2007-July 2007), Damien Stehle (March 2003-Sept 2003), Ioanna-Aikaterini Topa (Oct 2013-Jan 2014), Tobias Vejda (May 2006-Jul 2006).

Ex Staff and PhD Students

Kamel Bentahar, Ashish Choudhury, Pooya Farshim, Anna Lisa Ferrara, Georg Fuchsbauer, Steven Galbraith, Essam Ghadafi, Philipp Grabher, Robert Granger, Johann Groszschaedl, Florian Hess, Simon Hoerder, Enrique Larraia, Peter Leadbitter, Ming-Feng Lee, John Malone-Lee, Jake Loftus, Paul Morrissey, Andrew Moss, Richard Noad, Arpita Patra, Stefan Tillich, Mike Tunstall, Frederik Vercauteren, Gaven Watson, Stephen Williams.


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Bristol Crypto 2013 Report2013 Bristol Crypto 2012 Report2012
Bristol Crypto 2011 Report2011 Bristol Crypto 2010 Report2010

Supporters of our Research

The following companies and organizations help in our research via sponsorshop, collaboration on projects, or donation of equipment and software.

EPSRC    EU=FP7    Royal Society
HP Labs
Trend Micro