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A modified XCS classifier system for sequence labeling

Masaya Nakata, Tim Kovacs, Keiki Takadama, A modified XCS classifier system for sequence labeling. Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, GECCO '14. ISBN 978-1-4503-2662-9, pp. 565–572. July 2014. PDF, 284 Kbytes.


This paper introduces XCS-SL, an extension of XCS for sequence labeling, a form of time-series classification where every input has a class label. In sequence labeling the correct class of an input may depend on data received on previous time stamps, so a learner may need to refer to data at previous time stamps. That is, some classification rules (called “classifiers” here) must include conditions on previous inputs (a kind of memory). We assume the agent does not know how many conditions on previous inputs are needed to classify the current input, and the number of conditions/memories needed may be different for each input. Hence, using a fixed number of conditions is not a good solution. A novel idea we introduce is classifiers that have a variable-length condition to refer back to data at previous times. The condition can grow and shrink to find a suitable memory size. On a benchmark problem XCS-SL can learn optimal classifiers, and on a real-world sequence labeling task, it derived high classification accuracy and discovered interesting knowledge that shows dependencies between inputs at different times.

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