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Whole Systems Energy Transparency

Kerstin Eder, Steven Kerrison, John Gallagher, Pedro Lopez-Garcia, Whole Systems Energy Transparency. NANOENERGY Letters (NANOENERGY 2013), 1(6), pp. 67–68. August 2013. PDF, 174 Kbytes. External information


Energy efficiency is now a major (if not the major) concern in electronic systems engineering. While hardware can be designed to save a modest amount of energy, the potential for savings are far greater at the higher levels of abstraction in the system stack. The greatest savings are expected from energy consumption-aware software. This article emphasizes the importance of energy transparency from hardware to software as a foundation for energy-aware system design. Energy transparency enables a deeper understanding of how algorithms and coding impact on the energy consumption of a computation when executed on hardware. It is a key prerequisite for informed design space exploration and helps system designers to find the optimal tradeoff between performance, accuracy and energy consumption of a computation. Promoting energy efficiency to a first class software design goal is therefore an urgent research challenge. This article outlines our vision and first steps towards addressing this challenge.

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