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Kick: Investigating the Use of Kick Gestures for Mobile Interactions

Teng Han, Jason Alexander, Abhijit Karnik, Pourang Irani, Sriram Subramanian, Kick: Investigating the Use of Kick Gestures for Mobile Interactions. MobileHCI 2011. August 2011. PDF, 295 Kbytes.


In this paper we describe the use of kick gestures for interaction with mobile devices. Kicking is a well-studied leg action that can be harnessed in mobile contexts where the hands are busy or too dirty to interact with the phone. In this paper we examine the design space of kicking as an interaction technique through two user studies. The first study investigated how well users were able to control the direction of their kicks. Users were able to aim their kicks best when the movement range is divided into segments of at least 24A?. In the second study we looked at the velocity of a kick. We found that the users are able to kick with at least two varying velocities. However, they also often undershoot the target velocity. Finally, we propose some specific applications in which kicks can prove beneficial.

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