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Blockcipher-Based Hashing Revisited

Martijn Stam, Blockcipher-Based Hashing Revisited. Fast Software Encryption, FSE 2009. ISBN 978-3-642-03316-2, pp. 67–83. July 2009. No electronic version available. External information


We revisit the rate-1 blockcipher based hash functions as first studied by Preneel, Govaerts and Vandewalle (Cryptoa??93) and later extensively analysed by Black, Rogaway and Shrimpton (Cryptoa??02). We analyse a further generalization where any pre- and postprocessing is considered. This leads to a clearer understanding of the current classification of rate-1 blockcipher based schemes as introduced by Preneel et al. and refined by Black et al. In addition, we also gain insight in chopped, overloaded and supercharged compression functions. In the latter category we propose two compression functions based on a single call to a blockcipher whose collision resistance exceeds the birthday bound on the ciphera??s blocklength.

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