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Adding Haptic Feedback to Mobile TV

Jason Alexander, Mark T. Marshall, Sriram Subramanian, Adding Haptic Feedback to Mobile TV. Extended Abstracts of the International Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. April 2011. PDF, 289 Kbytes. External information


With the abundance of large-screen displays, mobile device users currently have little motivation to stream video content and TV broadcasts to their device---the desire to watch content 'on the move' does not currently outweigh the necessity of viewing this content on a miniaturised screen. However, the value and appeal of mobile TV broadcasts can be increased by the addition of a haptic-feedback channel to supplement the traditional video and audio streams.

This paper discusses the development of mobile haptic TV systems. It describes the design constraints for these systems and presents one concept implementation, UltraTV. UltraTV is a mobile device that provides mid-air, multi-point, back-of-device ultrasonic haptic feedback to enhance the mobile TV experience (see Figure 1). The paper concludes with a look at avenues for further exploration within the realm of mobile haptic TV.

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