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Improved Fault Analysis of Signature Schemes

Christophe Giraud, Erik W. Knudsen, Michael Tunstall, Improved Fault Analysis of Signature Schemes. Smart Card Research and Advanced Application -- CARDIS 2010, pp. 164–181. April 2010. No electronic version available. External information


At ACISP 2004, Giraud and Knudsen presented the first fault analysis of DSA, ECDSA, XTR-DSA, Schnorr and ElGamal signatures schemes that considered faults affecting one byte. They showed that 2304 faulty signatures would be expected to reduce the number of possible keys to 240, allowing a 160-bit private key to be recovered. In this paper we show that Giraud and Knudsena??s fault attack is much more efficient than originally claimed. We prove that 34.3% less faulty signatures are required to recover a private key using the same fault model. We also show that their original way of expressing the fault model under a system of equations can be improved. A more precise expression allows us to obtain another improvement of up to 47.1%, depending on the values of the key byte affected.

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