Offsetting Displays on Mobile Projector Phones

Jessica R. Cauchard, Mike Fraser, Jason Alexander, Sriram Subramanian, Offsetting Displays on Mobile Projector Phones. Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Personal Projection (UbiProjection 2010). May 2010. PDF, 479 Kbytes.


Emerging phone handsets include embedded projectors that will provide a widespread new form of display for mobile users. However, it is not clear how the handheld projector will be used alongside the existing phone screen. The current approach of many manufacturers is to place the projector in the top of the phone. This typically prevents users from simultaneously interacting with the phone and looking at the projection. The result is that using the phonea??s screen to supplement or interact with the projected information is difficult. This paper illustrates a technique to dynamically offset the throw angle of a mobile phone projector from the handseta??s screen to support different tasks. We describe our design and use it to explore three application scenarios that we have implemented.

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