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Communication around Interactive Table

Izdihar Jamil, Communication around Interactive Table. CSTR-09-007, University of Bristol. November 2009. PDF, 302 Kbytes.


Despite technological, interaction and co-located collaboration advances on multi-touch interactive tables there is little or no knowledge of how people communicate around these surfaces. Communication is important as it acts as a tool for human to express themselves. Through communication we are able to share information, ideas and emotions; make decisions and build relationships with people. Communication is a key aspect in our everyday life and therefore it is important to understand how we communicate around technology. My work examines the verbal and non-verbal aspects of communication when a group of people collaborate with each other around interactive tables. Findings from my research will provide the community with a deep and systematic analysis of how communication plays a crucial role in new technology. This will lead to a repertoire of tools for designing and deploying applications on interactive tables.

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