Appearance Based Extraction of Planar Structure in Monocular SLAM

Jose Martinez Carranza, Andrew Calway, Appearance Based Extraction of Planar Structure in Monocular SLAM. 16th Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis. ISBN 3-642-02229-4/0302-9743, pp. 269–278. June 2009. PDF, 445 Kbytes. External information


This work concerns the building of enhanced scene maps during real-time monocular SLAM. Specifically, we present a novel algorithm for detecting and estimating planar structure in a scene based on both appearance and geometric information. We adopt a hypothesis testing framework, in which the validity of planar patches within a triangulation of the point based scene map are assessed against an appearance metric. A key contribution is that the metric incorporates the uncertainties available within the SLAM filter through the use of a test statistic assessing error distribution against predicted covariances, hence maintaining a coherent probabilistic formulation. Experimental results indicate that the approach is effective, having good detection and discrimination properties, and leading to convincing planar feature representations.

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