On Software Parallel Implementation of Cryptographic Pairings

Philipp Grabher, Johann Gro??sch??dl, Dan Page, On Software Parallel Implementation of Cryptographic Pairings. Selected Areas in Cryptography --- SAC 2008, pp. 34–49. August 2008. No electronic version available.


A large body of research has focused on methods to improve the efficiency of cryptographic pairings; in part this work is motivated by the wide range of applications for such primitives. Although numerous hardware accelerators for pairing evaluation have used parallelism within extension field arithmetic to improve efficiency, thus far less emphasis has been placed on software exploitation of similar. In this paper we focus on parallelism within one pairing evaluation (intra-pairing), and parallelism between different pairing evaluations (inter-pairing). We identify several methods for exploiting such parallelism (extending previous results in the context of elliptic curve cryptography) and show that it is possible to accelerate pairing evaluation by a significant factor in comparison to a naive approach.

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