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Head pose estimation for wearable robot control.

Ben J. Tordoff, Walterio Mayol-Cuevas, Teofilo deCampos, David W. Murray, Head pose estimation for wearable robot control.. Proc. British Machine Vision Conference. September 2002. PDF, 323 Kbytes.


Recent advances in wearable sensing allow active control of the orientation of a body-mounted camera worn by a remote user. In this paper we consider the control of the active camera from head movements. In the context of teleoperation, these may be the head movements of a remote operator, perhaps acting as the wearera??s assistant. The movements are likely to be larger than those in video-conference applications, and so frontal facial features are insufficient. The paper presents a model which incrementally combines a fixed 3D shape model with specific features found on the observed head. Robust methods, including the incorporation of a colour model, are used to mitigate the effect of mismatching, the main contribution being the use of both interest point and colour features within a single random-sampling framework.

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