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Towards a Logical Reconstruction of CF-Induction

Yoshitaka Yamamoto, Oliver Ray, Katsumi Inoue, Towards a Logical Reconstruction of CF-Induction. New Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence: JSAI 2007 Conference and Workshop Revised Selected Papers (from 5th Workshop on Learning with Logics and Logics for Learning), pp. 330–343. February 2008. PDF, 392 Kbytes.


CF-induction is a sound and complete hypothesis finding procedure for full clausal logic which uses the principle of inverse entailment to compute a hypothesis that logically explains a set of examples with respect to a prior background theory. Currently, CF-induction computes hypotheses by applying combinations of several complex generalisation operators to an intermediate theory called a bridge formula. In this paper we propose an alternative approach whereby hypotheses are derived from a bridge formula using a single deductive operator and a single inductive operator. We show that our simplified procedure preserves the soundness and completeness of CF-induction.

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