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Posture Monitoring and Improvement for Laptop Use

Carrie Demmans, Sriram Subramanian, Jon Titus, Posture Monitoring and Improvement for Laptop Use. CHI '07: CHI '07 extended abstracts on Human factors in computing systems. ISBN 978-1-59593-642-4, pp. 2357–2362. November 2007. No electronic version available.


Both Repetitive Stress Injuries and laptop use have increased. The poor ergonomic design of laptops has the potential to create or exacerbate existing RSI. We propose a persuasive Attentive User Interface which provides feedback in order to improve user neck posture. This system measures the angle of the user.s neck and determines the quality of his/her neck posture. We then provide exercises to strengthen the neck and improve the user.s posture. We performed a study which showed an increase in neck comfort among our system.s users. The study demonstrated the potential of our system, which should be further tested.

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