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Toward Acceleration of RSA Using 3D Graphics Hardware

Andrew Moss, Dan Page, Nigel Smart, Toward Acceleration of RSA Using 3D Graphics Hardware. Cryptography and Coding, pp. 369–388. December 2007. PDF, 257 Kbytes.


Demand in the consumer market for graphics hardware that accelerates rendering of 3D images has resulted in commodity devices capable of astonishing levels of performance. These results were achieved by specifically tailoring the hardware for the target domain. As graphics accelerators become increasingly programmable however, this performance has made them an attractive target for other domains. Specifically, they have motivated the transformation of costly algorithms from a general purpose computational model into a form that executes on said graphics hardware. We investigate the implementation and performance of modular exponentiation using a graphics accelerator, with the view of using it to execute operations required in the RSA public key cryptosystem.

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