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An Introduction to Super-resolution Text

Celine Mancas-Thillou, Majid Mirmehdi, An Introduction to Super-resolution Text. Chapter in Digital Document Processing: Major Directions and Recent Advances. ISBN 978-1-84628-501-1. January 2007. No electronic version available. External information


This chapter examines the field of super-resolution with application to text analysis. While the area of super-resolution has been dealt with in fair depth in recent years, it is only just becoming useful as an applicable stage in improving text images, particularly for further processing, transmission, and understanding on mobile and handheld devices. After dealing with the general concepts of super-resolution we shall focus on static super-resolution. Then the main processing stages involved will be described: motion estimation and registration, warping and reconstruction, and deblurring and denoising. In each section any related works on text resolution enhancement are considered. Finally, for a case study, we describe a novel camera-based text resolution enhancement algorithm towards an embedded application.

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