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A Fast Translucency Appearance Model for Real-Time Applications

Francesco Banterle, Alan Chalmers, A Fast Translucency Appearance Model for Real-Time Applications. To appear in SCCG 2006 - Spring Conference on Computer Graphics. April 2006. PDF, 2445 Kbytes.


Realistic rendering of natural materials such as marble, jade, human skin, etc. requires the simulation of subsurface scattering of light. Such high-fidelity rendering, however, takes a significant amount of computation time, precluding its use in real-time application. This paper introduces a new technique for rendering the appearance of translucent material in real-time based on spherical harmonics. The technique consists of two passes, first the irradiance of the object is projected on a spherical harmonic basis, then in the second pass the exitant radiance is evaluated. This technique is not physically based, but it ensures high frame rates. It also supports deformable objects and with no precomputation time, so it could be used in interactive applications including videogames.

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