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The Sensor Sleeve: Sensing Affective Gestures

Cliff Randell, Ian Anderson, Henk Muller, Andrew Moore, Philippa Brock, Sharon Baurley, The Sensor Sleeve: Sensing Affective Gestures. Ninth International Symposium on Wearable Computers - Workshop on On-Body Sensing. October 2005. PDF, 265 Kbytes.


We describe the use of textile sensors mounted in a garment sleeve to detect affective gestures. The 'Sensor Sleeve' is part of a larger project to explore the role of affect in communications. Pressure activated, capacitive and elasto-resistive sensors are investigated and their relative merits reported on. An implemented application is outlined in which a cellphone receives messages derived from the sleeve?s sensors using a Bluetooth interface, and relays the signals as text messages to the user's nominated partner.

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