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Applying Active Vision and SLAM to Wearables

W.W. Mayol, A. J. Davison, B. J. Tordoff , D. W. Murray, Applying Active Vision and SLAM to Wearables. Chapter in Proc Int Symp on Robotics Research, Siena Italy, October 19-21, 2003. Springer Tracts in Advanced Robotics. ISBN 3-540-23214-1, pp. 325–334. April 2005. PDF, 970 Kbytes.


This paper reviews aspects of the design and construction of an active wearable camera, and describes progress in equipping it with visual processing for reactive tasks like orientation stabilisation, slaving from head movements, and 2D tracking. The paper goes on to describe a rst application of frame?rate simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM) to the wearable camera. Though relevant for any single camera undergoing general motion, the approach has particular bene ts in wearable vision, allowing extended periods of purposive xation followed by controlled redirection of gaze to other parts of the scene.

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