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Parallel Worlds: Immersion in Location-based Experiences

Josephine Reid, Erik Geelhoed, Richard Hull, Kirsten Cater, Benjamin Clayton, Parallel Worlds: Immersion in Location-based Experiences. Proceeding of the SIGCHI conference on Human factors in computing systems, pp. 1733–1736. April 2005. PDF, 118 Kbytes.


This paper analyses the stages and circumstances for immersion based on quantitative and qualitative feedback from 700 people who took part in a three week long public trial of a location-based audio drama. Ratings of enjoyment, immersion and how much history came alive all scored highly and people often spent up to an hour in the experience. A model of immersion as a cycle of transient states triggered by events in the overall experience is defined. This model can be used to design for immersion in future experiences.

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