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Inspecting Colour Tonality on Textured Surfaces

Xianghua Xie, Majid Mirmehdi, Barry Thomas, Inspecting Colour Tonality on Textured Surfaces. Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition. ISBN 3-540232230, pp. 810–817. September 2004. PDF, 918 Kbytes.


We present a multidimensional histogram method to inspect tonality on colour textured surfaces, e.g. ceramic tiles. Comparison in the noise dominated chromatic channels is error prone. We perform vector-ordered colour smoothing and generate a PCA-based reconstruction of a query tile based on a reference tile eigenspace. Histograms of local feature vectors are then compared for tonality defect detection. The proposed method is compared and evaluated on a data set with groundtruth.

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