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Selective Rendering of Task Related Scenes

Veronica Sundstedt, Alan Chalmers, Kirsten Cater, Selective Rendering of Task Related Scenes. APGV 2004 - Symposium on Applied Perception in Graphics and Visualization. ISBN 1-58113-914-4, pp. 174–174. August 2004. PDF, 2568 Kbytes.


The perception of a virtual environment is heavily influenced by the task the user is currently performing in that environment. Thus the human visual system can be exploited to significantly reduce computational time when rendering high fidelity images, without compromising the perceived visual quality. This poster considers how an image can be selectively rendered when a user is performing a visual task in an environment. In particular, we investigate to what level viewers fail to notice degradations in image quality, between non-task related areas and task related areas, when quality parameters such as image resolution, edge anti-aliasing and reflection and shadows are altered.

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