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Textile Tools for Wearable Computing

Cliff Randell, Sharon Baurley, Matthew Chalmers, Henk Muller, Textile Tools for Wearable Computing. Proceedings of the 1st International Forum on Applied Wearable Computing, IFAWC 2004. ISSN 0340-3718, pp. 63–74. March 2004. PDF, 658 Kbytes.


This paper describes the concept and application of textiles as tools, or components, for garments with wearable computing features. Evaluations of a selection of fabric swatches are presented and their suitability for use in the construction of smart textile systems. The electrical and electromagnetic properties of textiles are investigated with a fabric recommended for use as a UHF antenna, and another for thermochromatic use. The possibilities for power and signal networking are also explored. An illustrative garment using these fabrics is outlined, and opportunities for further research identified.

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