Strain quantification in ultrasound sequences

J. Revell, M. Mirmehdi, D. McNally, Strain quantification in ultrasound sequences. 14th British Machine Vision Conference. ISBN 1-901725-24-3, pp. 359–368. September 2003. PDF, 13848 Kbytes.


A novel methodology to quantify displacements and strain in musculoskeletal ultrasound sequences is presented. We extend the principles of 2D interframe displacements produced by our earlier work using hierarchical variable block size matching, to quantify displacement \emph{trajectories}. We provide novel solutions for probe motion, quantification of objects moving in the 3D volume traversing the 2D plane, and improving the temporal coherence of displacements for longer image sequences than the frame pairs traditionally applied in ultrasound. We also present trajectory strain that yields a novel strain history for musculoskeletal tendon tissue samples.

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