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Mixed-Reality Interfaces to Immersive Projection Systems

A Steed, S Benford, N Dalton, C Greenhalgh, I MacColl, C Randell, H Schnydelbach, Mixed-Reality Interfaces to Immersive Projection Systems. Immersive Projection Technology Workshop. March 2002. No electronic version available.


In our everyday presentations of an immersive projection technology (IPT) system we have noted some problems and issues that can detract from the overall experience. In this paper we take the view that in order to make a successful demonstration of an IPT system, it is important to consider the complete experience, from preparation to enter, to retirement from the place of the demonstration. This view is grounded in previous work on the sense of presence in virtual environments. We discuss some possible solutions to some of the problems we have found in our IPT presentations and illustrate a few of these by presenting some observations from a recent workshop where we implemented some of these solutions

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