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Personal Position Measurement Using Dead Reckoning

Cliff Randell, Chris Djiallis, Henk L Muller, Personal Position Measurement Using Dead Reckoning. Proceedings of Seventh International Symposium on Wearable Computers. Chandra Narayanaswami, (eds.), pp. 166–173. October 2003. PDF, 539 Kbytes.


This paper compares position measurement techniques using dead reckoning. We are seeking to find a technique which is suitable for use by pedestrians, and have compared a number of sensors that can be used to achieve a robust and accurate dead reckoning system. All our techniques are step based. To measure steps we have compared the use of pedometers and accelerometers. To determine heading we have compared two and three dimensional compasses and a rate gyroscope. Finally we have performed four case studies based on real applications with standard deviation measured at 2.2m for a short test and 19.9m for an extended test. These errors can be reduced by using more computationally expensive filtering operations.

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