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The Periscope: Supporting a Computer Enhanced Field Trip for Children

D Wilde, E Harris, Y Rogers, Cliff Randell, The Periscope: Supporting a Computer Enhanced Field Trip for Children. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, 7(3-4). ISSN 1617-4909, pp. 227–233. July 2003. No electronic version available.


This paper describes an interactive device, the Periscope, designed to be used as an educational tool featured during a children's digitally enhanced field trip in a woodland setting. The Periscope assembly, including a display and RFID equipped tangibles, is controlled using handles that enable it to be raised and rotated. The display is controlled by rotating the Periscope, or alternatively by twisting the handles. A set of tangibles, a collection of Petri dishes fitted with RFID tags, enable the children to carry out experiments with the results being shown on the display. Field trials are also outlined in which the effectiveness of this design is established. In conclusion, we discuss the aesthetic design issues raised by introducing digital technology into everyday environments.

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