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A review of tone reproduction techniques

Kate Devlin, A review of tone reproduction techniques. CSTR-02-005, Department of Computer Science, University of Bristol. November 2002. PDF, 100 Kbytes.


The ultimate aim of realistic graphics is the creation of images that provoke the same responses that a viewer would have to a real scene. While research into ways of rendering images provides us with better and faster methods, we do not necessarily see their full effect due to limitations of the display hardware. The low dynamic range of a standard computer monitor requires some form of mapping to produce images that are perceptually accurate. Tone reproduction operators attempt to replicate the effect of real-world luminance intensities. This paper reviews the work to date on tone reproduction techniques. It includes an investigation into the need for accurate tone reproduction and a discussion of techniques to date. The future of tone reproduction is considered, together with the implications of advances in display hardware.

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