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New Media and Future Education

Alan Chalmers, Steve Cunningham, New Media and Future Education. East-West-Vision 2002. Franz Leberl, Andrej Ferko, (eds.). ISBN 3-85403-163-7, pp. 67–74. September 2002. PDF, 284 Kbytes.


New media industry, and in particular those involved with films, games, simulation, visualization and virtual reality, continue to demand more complex and realistic computer generated images. The advent of modern high performance graphics cards means that the computing performance to render the required images in cinematic quality is now available for $200 whereas only five years ago such images could only be created on professional workstations costing several hundred of thousands of dollars. Such a relatively low cost technological advance opens up exciting possibilities for developing regions of the world to play a significant role in the future of new media. However, if the true benefit of this remarkable development in the new media field is to be realised then the onus is on the educators of the developing world to ensure that their students are equipped with the necessary skills to enable them to rapidly play a key role in the future. This paper draws on the outcomes of the recent ACM SIGGRAPH-Eurographics Workshop on Computer Graphics Education (CGE02) to highlight the computer graphics content which should now form key components of any new media course.

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