Things arent what they seem to be: innovation through technology inspiration

Yvonne Rogers, Ian Taylor, Danae Stanton, Claire O Malley, Greta Corke, Silvia Gabrielli, Mike Scaife, Eric Harris, Ted Phelps, Sara Price, Hilary Smith, Henk Muller, Cliff Randell, Andrew Moss, Things arent what they seem to be: innovation through technology inspiration. Designing Interactive Systems 2002. ISBN ACM 1-58113-2-9-0, pp. 1–11. June 2002. No electronic version available. External information


How does designing for novel experiences with largely untried technologies get its inspiration? Here we report on a project whose goal was to promote learning through novel, playful visions of technologies. To this end, we experimented with a diversity of ambient and pervasive technologies to inspire and drive our design. Working as a large multi-disciplinary group of researchers and designers we developed novel and imaginative experiences for children. To crystallise our ideas we designed, implemented and experimented with a mixed reality adventure game, where children had to hunt an elusive, virtual creature called the Snark, in a large interactive environment. We describe our experiences, reflecting on the process of design inspiration in an area where so much remains unknown.

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