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Caches with Compositional Performance

Henk Muller, Dan Page, James Irwin, David May, Caches with Compositional Performance. Chapter in Embedded Processor Design Challenges. Ed F Deprette, Jurgen Teich, Stamasis Vassiliadis, (eds.). ISBN 3-540-43322-8, pp. 242–259. February 2002. PDF, 225 Kbytes.


One of the challenges in designing systems is adopting a design method with compositional properties. Compositional functionality guarantees that two components that each perform a task can be integrated without affecting the semantics of either task. Compositional performance means that two components can be integrated so that the timing of neither components changes. In this paper we describe the hardware and software needed in order to build cache memories that have those compositional properties. This partitioned cache allows the system designer to design individual components of an application program in the knowledge that cache performance is fully deterministic; ie integrating these components will not affect the performance of any component.

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