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Internet Resources on ILP for KDD

Ljupco Todorovski, Irene Weber, Nada Lavrac, Olga Stepankova, Saso Dzeroski, Dimitar Kazakov, Darko Zupanic, Peter Flach, Internet Resources on ILP for KDD. Chapter in Relational Data Mining. Saso Dzeroski, Nada Lavrac, (eds.). ISBN 3-540-42289-7, pp. 375–388. September 2001. No electronic version available. External information


The aim of this chapter is to review ILP resources available on the Internet. These are especially important due to the growing interest for applying ILP methods to knowledge discovery in databases (KDD) and data mining problems. They also play an important role in connecting the ILP research community with potential end users of ILP methods. Most of the chapter is dedicated to the ILP Internet resources gathered and maintained in the ILPnet and ILPnet2 projects. Some other ILP and KDD related Internet resources are briefly reviewed as well.

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