CBIR with Perceptual Region Features

M. Mirmehdi, R. Perissamy, CBIR with Perceptual Region Features. Proceedings of the 12th British Machine Vision Conference. T Cootes, C Taylor, (eds.). ISBN 1 901725 16 2, pp. 511–520. September 2001. PDF, 760 Kbytes.


A perceptual approach to generating features for use in indexing and retrieving images is described. Salient regions that immediately attract the eye are colour (textured) regions that usually dominate an image. Features derived from these will allow search for images that are similar perceptually. We compute colour features and Gabor colour texture features on regions identified from a coarse representation of the image, generated by a multi-band smoothing algorithm based on human psychophysical measurements of colour appearance. Images are retrieved, using a multi-feedback retrieval and ranking mechanism. We examine the performance of the features and the feedback mechanism.

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