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Communicating Process Architectures -- 2001

Communicating Process Architectures -- 2001. Alan Chalmers, Majid Mirmehdi, Henk Muller, (eds.). IOS Press. September 2001. No electronic version available.


Communicating Process Architectures addresses many of the key issues in modern computer science and its application. In broad terms, the conference themes will concern concurrency - at all levels of software and hardware granularity. The goal of the conference is to stimulate discussion and ideas as to the role concurrency will play in the future generation of scaleable computer infrastructure and applications - where scaling means the ability to ramp up functionality (i.e. stay in control as complexity increases) as well as physical metrics (such as performance). Traditionally, concurrency has been taught and considered and experienced as an advanced and difficult topic. The thesis underlying this conference is that this tradition is wrong. The natural world operates through the continuous interaction of massive numbers of autonomous agents at all levels of granulartiy (astronomic, human, sub-atomic). If modern computer science finds concurrency hard, then it is not doing it right - discuss! It is time for concurrency to mature into a simple discipline that can be used everyday.

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