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Video Cut Detection using Frequency Domain Correlation

S. V. Porter, M. Mirmehdi, B. T. Thomas, Video Cut Detection using Frequency Domain Correlation. Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Pattern Recognition. A. Sanfeliu, J. J. Villanueva, M. Vanrell, R. Alquezar, T. Huang, J. Serra, (eds.). ISSN 0796507506, pp. 413–416. September 2000. PDF, 390 Kbytes.


A common video indexing technique is to segment a video sequence into shots and then select representative key-frames. The process of shot break detection is a fundamental component in automatic video indexing, editing, and archiving. This paper introduces a novel video cut detection technique which performs in the frequency domain. It is computationally tractable and robust with respect to sudden changes in mean intensity within a shot. The method uses the average interframe correlation coefficients to determine whether an abrupt shot change has occured. We compare our method against three established techniques and present our results using different video sequences.

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